My name is Mary, I first attended Dr. Sordillo's office on the 2nd of April 2010. I suffered with severe shoulder and back pain for a number of years. I was taken anti-inflammatory medication when the pain got too much to bear, I did not want to undergo any medical operation for my medical condition if I could avoid it. I had difficultly getting in and out of the car. I could not bend down if something fell. I love gardening but could not anymore due to back pain. I could hardly turn in bed with the pain. On my first visit to Dr. Sordillo I described the pain I had, and told him how i ached from the top of my shoulders to the bottom of my lower back. I can honestly say that from the first visit, I began to feel less pain on my shoulder and now its the first time in years that I have no pain in my shoulder, I can lift my hand up over my head. Dr. Sordillo explained to me that my back problem took a long time to develop, and that it would probably take a long time to heal but that i should get pain relief within a short period of time. After my seventh visit the excruciating pain in my back was gone. I know that my back is not better but hopefully with continued treatment I will achieve that as well. I want to thank Dr. Sordillo for his kindness and patience in listening to my complaints and for his explanation as to why I had so much pain. I also want to express my thanks to Dr. Sordillo for his skill in his chosen field and I am thankful that i heard about this skill and that I had the forsight to seek his help. M.O'Donnell

- Limerick I have been happily attending Dr. Ed Sordillo Chiroptractic regularly for several years now. Initially, as with most people, I attended as a result of a bad back, however when I began to improve I began for the first time to appreciate what it felt like to be 'well'. Eddie lives and breathes his profession and his desire to help more and more people. Everybody should treat themselves to an adjustment form Dr. Ed Sordillo. I wish him and his practice every success for the future. C. O'Brien Limerick

I had back surgery in 2007, and have had to be careful of myself since then. Earlier this year, I hurt my back and was very concerned that the damage done may have been associated with the previous injury. I had an initial assessment with Ed, which immediately put my mind at ease. By the second session I was on the road to recovery. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sordillo Chiropractic Centre for anyone who requires first rate care by an industry professional. P. Kerr

- Limerick I went o see Dr. Ed Sordillo a few months ago not thinking that he would find anything as i felt "perfect"! How wrong was I? After the very first adjustmnent I was totally amazed by how I felt afterwards. It was as if what i thought was normal, wasn't! I felt lightness and a relief that I didn't know was possible without having the adjustments. I continued with Dr. Sordillo for a session of 12 visits over which time i have certainly seen a notable improvement. I would have absolutely no problem in recommending Dr. Ed Sordillo to any friends and family who may simply complain of being stiff or sore in general. I also now realise that even where people do not make these complaints, adjustments can provide valuable relief to those who do desk jobs and also those who drive a lot. Thank you Dr. Sordillo. R. O' Connell

- Limerick Throught the help, support and adjustments given to me by Dr. Sordillo and his staff. I am happy to tell you that my health is good and I always feel better for coming to Sordillo Chiropratic Centre. M. Shouldice

​​​​​​​ - Limerick I refer to my recent treatment with Sordillo Chiropractic Centre in respect of a neck injury which was extremely painful initially. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me, as I am well on the road to recovery at present and I have no doubt the improvement was soley because of the treatment I received at your clinic. I would also like to compliment the reception staff at your practice for their professional and friendly manner. M. McElligott

- Limerick Recently i started to use the services of Dr. Ed. Sordillo at Sordillo Chiropractic Centre. I had been complaining of a stiff neck for a while but I felt it was having little or no effect on my day to day standard of mobility so i didn't do anything about it. After meeting Ed through a BNI group, I arranged for a consultation and an initial adjustment. Immediately I noticed a difference, I no longer need to unbuckle the seat belt and lift myself out of the seat to look out the car rear window. Today I can just look behind me. I now sleep sounder even though I feel less tired. In my case I got so used to a little discomfort in my neck, that it became the norm! Through consultation with Dr. Ed Sordillo I am now reaping the reward. Limerick

I have been attending Dr. Sordillo's Chiropractic Centre since March 2009. Since I have been receiving care from Dr. Ed, I have improved immensely. I am very proud to represent my home County with the Tipperary Senior Football team. In order to retain my position on the team, I am required to have a very high level of fitness and remain injury free where possible. I have led a very active sports life all my life, unfortunately I had a childhood accident which on occassions, has caused problems for me. I have travelled all over to various physicans, physiotherapists, etc and I have tried all sorts of medications and treatments with little or no success. Upon attending Dr. Ed, I immediately got relief. In addition, Ed was very helpful with excercises and nutritional advice. I felt he was genuinely interested in me and my well being. I am now moving and eating better as a direct result of Dr. Sordillo's help. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr. Sordillo to anyone. My lifestyle has certainly changed for the better because of Ed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Ed for all his help and suppost and to wish him continued success for the future. B. Jones - Tipperary